Fathers Day card!

Just a real quick post to say I’ve decided I’m not going to buy anymore cards! I know you can get lovely ones but they are bit of a rip off. So I’m going to start making as many as I can. This is my 2nd so far for my dad today Happy Fathers Day!


Apologies for the bad photo, it was taken on my phone!

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Chair Restoration Project

So my mum has had these chairs for about 2 years, so I finally decided I would get on with them. There are 4 in total randomly there are 3 matching and an odd one out. But I think there a really nice set and are looking loads better with a lick of paint.

I really like the simple heart design for the back and then the intricate cut out pattern on the seat, love the shadow it casts on the floor.

The plan is hopefully to get the other 2 done for sunday which is my mums birthday, get a few plants to kit out this little corner in the garden. Best get cracking! Heres the progress…

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Solarwall Advertising

After Climate Week had passed, I began to work on some advertising for some of Solarwalls products. Solarwall offer a number of energy and money saving solutions, form solar thermal and photovoltaic panels to heat pumps and insulation. I mainly worked on solar thermal and insulation, currently working on PV.

When coming up with the ideas for the adverts I tried to think about how people relate to the products how they might interact with them and went from there. It has been difficult to come up with different idea for each product. Then my execution leaves a lot to be desired. I feel this is something I really need to work on. I’m not to sure how, but I’ve been trying to start doing some photoshop tutorials to build on those skills.

Images 1-4. We started with Solar Thermal Panels, Panels that use the daylight to heat boilers for hot water. So adverts for this all revolved around bath and showers, relaxing and guilt free pleasure. The portrait shower ad is my favourite, I like how the ‘pipe line’ comes down to join into the shower head. With the rest it began hard not to just have an ad with an image and a picture, I find my self getting sucked in to this a little bit and it’s not something I want to keep doing.

Images 3-4. The next images were for insulation and heat pumps. I used the same kinda of message for each of these as they are both about heating up the home and keeping cosy. Using family photos in frames give the impression of a caring family who want to look after each other, and might urge home owners to consider the effects heat loss is having on their home.

Finally, I was asked to produce an image to send out as a post card to also encourage people to consider insulation. The photo was set up to try an again show a family home,  a to do list, and children’s art, centred around a heart.

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Solarwall and Climate Week

So after my travels I was very lucky to have got some time to work with York based company Solarwall. Designing various information leaflets, flyers and adverts. My first task was to create a flyer to advertise Solarwalls support for Climate Week 2012, and to briefly say who they are, and how they can help. This developed in to postcards, a poster and a 4-page press insert.

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Every item that was to do with Climate Week took this style and layout to tie everything together. Difficulties on the back of the flyer and postcard was a product list and description which entailed a lot of text to put in a a small place.

The Press insert took the same layout, but this time I had to fit in a number of advertisements, editorials and a few other bits. This was exciting for as I’d never done anything that would have been seen so broadly. Unfortunately the press office thought it was necessary to alter some of the heading text, strangely though, they only changed some of the text and not all of it. Either way I’m still pretty happy with what I achieved in my first few weeks for Solarwall.

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Where to start!

Ok, I’ve decided that i have been absent for long enough now and will make an effort to sort my life out and start posting again. I have a few things lined up that I can post one I sort the files out! so watch this space!

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I recently bought a craft book and in it I discovered flower pressing. So I had a little experiment and this is what I came up with!

I’m not quite sure how I’ll use them but here it it, typographic flower pressings!

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